30 Productivity Hacks that All Women Should Follow

We all go through rough and tough times in our lives, and since women are usually more emotionally vulnerable, they often run into situations that they feel stuck in. From dating the wrong person to just having a messed-up routine, we all make mistakes or adopt habits or feel things that lead to the deterioration of our mental or physical health. In fact, many women complain about feeling unlike themselves at times, which may be rooted in an adaptation of the wrong habits. This article has a list of hacks that will come in handy for women, or in fact, any human, to deal with difficult situations in life.

  1. Understanding and implementing accountability: By holding yourself accountable, it is meant that you realize that you are responsible for what you say or do.
  2. Let motivation drive you: Be the woman who has her goals and is driven to achieve them.
  3. Lead the situations: Try to be in-charge of what goes on in your life rather than just reacting to situations.
  4. Adopt productive habits: Learn new skills and spend your time doing productive activities overall.
  5. Manage your energy: Working all day and tiring yourself is not productive – it’s destructive. Learn to understand when your body is demanding rest, and give yourself occasional breaks to balance personal and professional life.
  6. Work on more projects: If you can multi-task and still perform good at all tasks, you are managing your work effectively.
  7. Have a weekly to-do list: Start planning your chores for the week on the basis of priority and you will have lesser frenzy in your life.
  8. Make small investments: If you cannot afford to make huge investments currently, start by investing time and money into smaller things that are likely to pay back.
  9. Have occasional productivity boosts: Reserve at least a few days of every month to dedicate your time and efforts fully to anything productive, like meditation or such activities.
  10. Fragmentation of tasks: A 2000-word report to write seems like a huge assignment, unless you create an outline dividing the word count into smaller paragraphs. Divide your bigger tasks into smaller ones – count them as milestones.
  11. Start your day with your biggest goal: Achieve your biggest target of the day first – that would motivate you for the rest of the day to keep achieving more.
  12. Do it now: Stop delaying something that you know has to be done sooner or later. Do it sooner because the more work you pile up, the less driven you would feel.
  13. Rethink your morning routine: Your mornings should be a healthy start to keep you feeling good all day. In short, just don’t get out of the wrong side of the bed.
  14. Self-evaluate your weeks: How many of your planned tasks have you achieved this week? Keep a check on your weekly progress to know your habits better.
  15. Be your own best friend: Support yourself with positive conversations with yourself. Tell yourself you can do it, and you will.
  16. Surround yourself with the right elements: People who lift your energy up, fresh and clean environment, or your happy place – put yourself in the environments that release your stress.
  17. Stand back up when you fall: We all can fall into a slump sometimes and that’s okay, but getting back on track is important.
  18. Mark a week for the special tasks: Whether it is an important visit to the dentist or any other activity that you are unable to do in your normal routine, reserve a week every month to get these tasks done.
  19. Identify your goals: By writing your goals down, you can manage them better as they become defined in nature of achievement.
  20. Focusing your attention: Successful people know how to focus their attention to their decided goals. If you find yourself doodling while you are working, gather your attention.
  21. Be on the move: It is important to be physically active to have a healthy body and mind.
  22. Make time for yourself: Successful women know when to take time out to do things that they enjoy.
  23. Avoid distractions: Mobile phones, social media, television, or any sort of distractive tool around you must be switched off when you work on anything important.
  24. Let others be: If you find yourself more interested in others’ lives and activities, you are focusing your attention wrongly. Save that attention and interest for yourself.
  25. Don’t take too many breaks: Manage your time effectively. Don’t pause your work too often. Concentrate for a longer time to get more work done while you are in the flow.
  26. Play it all in your head: Think of how you should respond if a threat approaches you.
  27. Prioritize your list: If you start to list down your smallest priorities along with the highest, you will be getting more work done.
  28. Say No: Learn to tell people to not disturb you while you are working. It is not rude, it is professional.
  29. Stop immediately: Identify any wrong habits you have, like partying too much, and put an end to it right away.
  30. Keep a track of time: Measure how long your regular activities take you to do so that you can plan better later.

This exhaustive list of 30 hacks for women is basically a summary of the habits any successful woman has. Follow the above to increase your productivity.

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