Can You Die From a Broken Heart?

The phrase “Broken Heart” is not just a literary term; it is medically declared a heart disease occurring owing to mental stress. You suffer from broken heart syndrome by virtue of such experiences including the death of a dear one, bankruptcy, divorce, getting fired from a job, or any other experience that hurts your feelings, sentiments, or ego. Heartbroken syndrome has some symptoms, for instance, you feel chest pain or you cannot breathe properly and the severe condition may cause a heart attack. The heartbroken syndrome can properly be treated by doctors.

Take Broken Heart Syndrome Seriously

You are a human being and your mental health largely depends on your feeling, sentiments, and emotion. Though the term broken heart points to the heart and your heart gets affected by virtue of broken heart syndrome; the overall situation takes root from the mental disturbance. You suffer from some mental disturbance before you experience broken heart syndrome. The following are some of the reasons causing broken heart syndrome.

  • Divorce
  • Death of a near and dear one
  • Losing job
  • Bad repute
  • Betrayal

Human life comprises many other affairs, so many other issues affecting mental health can cause broken heart syndrome.

Can someone die of broken heart syndrome?

Clinically, the broken heart is considered to be a disease caused by mental disturbance; the functionality of the heart gets affected.  In extreme conditions, you may suffer from a heart attack or other cardiovascular issues. Death may occur as a result of the seriousness of heart issues.

What are the symptoms of broken heart syndrome?

The main symptom you feel of a broken heart is mental stress by virtue of some serious issues in your life. When you go under extreme mental stress, you sometimes feel pain in the middle of the chest; normally people consider it to be a heart attack. All pains being felt in the chest are not the symptoms of a heart attack. It is worth mentioning here that in a heart attack the heart cannot function to supply blood to the other organs of the body; in the heartbroken syndrome, the supply of blood gets slower than the normal routine. Also, the patient feels difficulty in breathing. If you feel the symptoms of broken heart syndrome you need to make an emergency call to seek medical help as soon as possible.

How long does it take to treat broken heart syndrome?

Once you feel the above-mentioned symptoms of a broken heart, you need to go to the hospital to seek the necessary treatment. In severe conditions, you may be admitted to the hospital for some weeks. Being under the supervision of the heart specialist, you will recover within weeks.

Can Counseling Treat Broken Heart Syndrome?

You may suffer from broken heart syndrome by virtue of any mental stress, for instance, your dear and near one dies suddenly or you have been fired from your job or your marital life gets disturbed or any other affair of your life may cause the mental stress. At such moments when you go through hard experiences of life, you need sympathy and affection. Counseling plays a very positive role at such moments of grief. You can directly consult to psychologist or psychiatrist to bring your life to normal. You can also consult your issues with some elderly person in your family that you think is wise enough to give you the right piece of advice along with keeping your secret hidden. Of course, counseling is the best solution to avoid broken heart syndrome; once the broken heart syndrome occurs, you need to take the medical treatment along with seeking counseling.

How Can One Avoid Broken Heart Syndrome?

No doubt, the issues in life cannot be avoided or averted. Minor mental stress is a part of life; almost every person has to go through it daily. Major mental stress occurs when you go through some extraordinary sad experiences of life. The first thing that you need to know is to get mentally prepared to fight the stress to overcome it; otherwise, you will go under great stress; resultantly, your physical and mental health will get badly affected forever. You may also fall into chronic diseases. To avoid all diseases especially to avoid broken heart syndrome you need to adopt the following habits.

·        Set an exercise routine

You need to set an exercise routine to release your mental stress. You can join a gym or you may go on a long walk in the morning. Taking exercise in the morning is the best remedy for all diseases.

·        Adopt a Hobby

The researches have proved that people having a hobby live long and at least suffer from mental stress.

·        Take adequate sleep

Sleep is a blessing; take adequate sleep. You get rid of all stresses after taking sound sleep. You need to take 8 hours of sleep daily.

·        Avoid drug addiction

Avoid drug addiction of all kinds, the drug addiction spoils your mental and physical health altogether.

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