Habits to Boost Your Happiness Hormones Like Serotonin and Dopamine

Serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin. The ‘quartet of happiness’ is made up of hormones that, by releasing substances in our brain, make us feel better. The level of these hormones can be increased by following a few simple habits. Did you know?

That the International Day of Happiness is the same day that spring begins is no coincidence. We could say that they are two concepts that go hand in hand, and that, culturally, the spring equinox is the passage from cold and ‘sad’ winter, to sunny and ‘happy’ summer.

Each person may like one season more than another, but those marked by good weather and the sun are biologically beneficial for our body and the so-called ‘quartet of happiness’.

But what is the ‘happiness quartet’? It is a group of hormones, the chemical substances that circulate in the body and influence our health, which is directly related to the feeling of happiness. We are talking about endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin.

What are the happiness hormones?

The primary function of hormones is to communicate between two glands or between a gland and an organ. In other words, hormones are chemicals produced by various glands in our bodies. Throughout the day hormones in your body rise and fall. For example, a cortisol surge wakes you up in the morning, while melatonin, another hormone, helps you get ready for bed in the evening. And then some hormones tell you that you’re hungry, full, happy, and sad.

There is a special system in the body called the endocrine system that controls hormone production and secretion into the bloodstream. This is a network of glands that circulate throughout the body, producing at least one hormone from each gland, controlled by the pituitary gland in the brain.

The role of hormones

Happiness is often thought of as something subjective. In fact, that’s not the case! Happiness is affected by a series of biochemical reactions regulated by neurotransmitters and hormones called happiness hormones. They help us regulate our mood: they promote positive feelings such as pleasure and happiness and are:

  • Dopamine, the pleasure and reward hormone is associated with pleasurable sensations, as well as with learning, memory, motor system functions, and more.
  • Serotonin, the good mood hormone, helps regulate mood, sleep, and sleep-wake alternation, appetite, digestion, learning and memory, sexual desire.
  • Oxytocin, often called the love hormone, helps to promote trust, empathy, and bonding in relationships. 
  • Endorphins are natural pain relievers that the body produces in response to stress and discomfort. Endorphin levels rise following rewarding activities such as eating, exercising, or having intercourse.

As the American researcher explains, the Habits of a happy brain when your brain emits one of the chemicals that make up the ‘happiness quartet’, you feel good. Now, the key knows that you can strengthen these hormones with simple daily habits.

Endorphins: exercise and eat spicy

Endorphins stand out for their analgesic effect. They are the substances responsible for provoking the anesthetic action in the brain, and for this reason, they play an essential role in our feeling of happiness.

How can you increase your endorphin levels? Exercising. Plus, social activities like hanging out with friends and eating as a family can help you get an extra dose. If you choose spicy ingredients in these meals, it’s all the better, since they contain natural opiates, which are more analgesic substances for the body.

Serotonin: sunbathing regularly

Time to go out on the terrace and take advantage of the rising temperatures in the spring. Serotonin is directly known as the “substance of happiness”, so you can imagine how important it is to us. In fact, many antidepressant medications are based on helping the brain’s serotonin receptors.

For your body to produce serotonin, it is best to eat foods rich in the amino acid tryptophan, such as cheese, chicken, eggs, or fish. Also, according to some neuroscientists on the Psychology Today portal, serotonin can be produced by exposing yourself to sunlight and doing aerobics physical exercise.

Dopamine: eat very ripe fruit

Does this hormone sound familiar to you? It has to do with love, but it is also responsible for addictions. Dopamine causes pleasure and makes you feel good, and the best way to have high levels of this substance in your body is, apparently, by eating ripe fruit.

Oxytocin: hanging out with friends and family

This hormone helps us feel more secure and socialize better. Also, it produces tranquillity and reduces anxiety and stress. This same process generates more oxytocin in our body and a feeling of ‘success’ and happiness.

Final words

All these hormones or neurotransmitters manage a happy mood and positive emotions. Gut bacteria have a positive role in the production of neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin. These not only allow neurons to communicate with each other, but also connect the nervous system to the gut.

For the happiness hormone and balanced mood with dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, you must: We hope you enjoy exercises with your loved ones, followed by a healthy and balanced meal that you will prepare together.

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