Habits to Boost Your Self-esteem

Our self-esteem is unstable: it can fluctuate and move to opposite poles within the same day or a few hours. For this reason, a psychologist, with twenty years of experience behind him, in a blog, explained how to stop the bar of love for ourselves on an acceptable level. If work, social relationships, problems can have a strong influence and “change us”, what should not change is the conception of our value: By increasing self-esteem – says the psychologist – you will find yourself building new, healthy habits and you will overcome the obstacles of the future in a more agile way.

In this post today you will discover habits to boost your self-esteem. Think that it is very important if you want to lead a happy and full life.

Boost self-esteem through psychological habits

Let’s see how much of the theoretical knowledge acquired in this area can be applied practically and simply on a day-to-day basis to make our self-esteem grow.

 Respect yourself

If you are not able to respect yourself, how can you respect others? It is totally impossible. Something that seems so trivial is the key to avoiding destroying your self-esteem. But how can we respect ourselves?

First of all, we must realize our needs and our values and satisfy them. We must not always stay in the background and satisfy others first. Well, if we don’t know how to satisfy ourselves, we are probably doing it wrong. Express your feelings and don’t feel guilty about them. Showing your anger towards someone does not make you a bad person, but a sincere person.

Value all those facets of which you are proud. Reflect on them and value them as they deserve.

Acknowledge your mistakes

If you don’t acknowledge your mistakes, you will live your whole life excuse after excuse. This will only cause you huge energy expenditure.

Learn from your mistakes. Stand in front of the error and the excuse and accept them. Where have you gone wrong? What happened? Do not avoid it with excuses and take advantage of it to learn and improve as a person. They make us strong and help us prepare for future mistakes.

Replace your goals with values

Sometimes not achieving very set and desired goals can lead to frustrations and feel that we are worthless, this does not happen when values ​​and not objectives are what mark our direction in life.

Let’s see it with a concrete example: imagine that you are preparing for an opposition, you have been studying for months and months and making fewer leisure plans; In this case, your values ​​are effort, perseverance, and personal improvement, the capacity for sacrifice, willpower and responsibility, among others.

If you finally do not pass the exam and you do not get the place, the values ​​that you have maintained during this stage of your life will always be there to make you feel very proud of it. 

Identify your strengths

Today we know that every one of us is born with a series of qualities, innate characteristics or strengths that are our strengths, they are those skills that are especially good for you, the problem comes when the person with low self-esteem does not believe that he has them and it is also very difficult for him to identify them.

Stop criticizing yourself.

Do you tend to attribute failures to yourself and criticize yourself excessively, and yet others minimize their mistakes by making them feel better? Start this New Year doing the same thing you do with others with yourself, value the small positive details of each day.

Do not magnify your mistakes, give them the importance they really have and give yourself good advice as you would with anyone else.

Fully confident in yourself

The more you will get back, the more you give to others. Helping others feeds the respect of you. The more you respect yourself, the easier it will be for you to be comfortable with others and respect them and the more others will respect you. Make others feel important and you will feel important.. Be the first to do what you would like others to do and others will follow you.

Final words

Go ahead and achieve these purposes and if you need help to carry them out, in our site you will find professionals with whom you can work to understand what difficulty there is and solve it. 

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